Car wash 1A Earl Street

carwashMany residents will be aware of a new hand car wash opening in the former scaffolding yard (left) next to the Hydroponics shop.



The residents’ association has the following concerns:

  • greater traffic flows
  • illegal parking
  • violation of traffic laws (particularly the spur between Cornwallis Street and Mann/Earl Streets)
  • increased pollution (exhaust fumes and noise)

The Committee understands that the facility does not have planning permission (to validate the change-if-use).

Response from STAR: 

The Committee has made contact with local councillors who confirm the planning permission may not be in place. When and if planning permission is presented, local councillors will object on the grounds laid out above.

STAR will ask residents about the extent to which they are being/likely to be affected (the opening hours are long and daily) and get signatures for a petition to be presented to the planning committee.


One of the best ways of keeping abreast of issues that might affect residents is keeping a check on planning applications coming from the Council. Issues affecting our area will be posted to this page. Where the residents association thinks representation is needed, guidance will be given in this area.

Current status:

5 November: No applications affecting our residents’ area.

24 September 2018:

HS/PR/18/00782 | Application for a Certificate of Proposed Lawful Development for conversion of a garage and covered area at rear of dwelling into living accommodation | 29 Earl Street, Hastings, TN34 1SG

Current plans are here;

The modifications look like this


Hastings Borough Council has a new consultation on its action plan:

Hastings Town Centre and Bohemia Area Action Plan (AAP) Preferred Approaches document sections

The Area Action Plan (AAP) has been split into sections in order to make it easier to download, due to size this may still take some time and may not be accessible to all browsers.

Download the Hastings Town Centre and Bohemia Area Action Plan (AAP) fulldocument (this is a large file which may take some time to download and may not be suitable for all browsers) or view the AAP and comment online.

Please note: use of map data is subject to terms and conditions.  You are granted a non-exclusive royalty free, revocable licence solely to view the Licenced Data for non-commercial purposes for the period during which Hastings Borough Council makes it available.  You are not permitted to copy, sub-licence, distribute, sell or otherwise make available Licenced Data to third parties in any form.  Third party rights to enforce the terms of this licence shall be reserved to OS.


w/c 25 June 2018: No new planning applications for our area.

w/c 9 April 2018: No new planning applications for our area.

w/c 12 March 2018: No new planning applications for our area.

w/c 19 February 2018: No new planning applications for our area.

w/c 22 January 2018: No new planning applications for our area.

w/c 27 November 2017:

New Timpson pod opening at Morrisons. The site drawing can be found here. The unit drawings can be found here. There do not seem to be too many issues regarding access to warrant comment from the residents’ association.

Historical cases:

11 St Andrews Square – provision of cycle and refuse storage. Application is here. Plans are here.  The Residents’ Association has made representation on the grounds that the positioning of these facilities are likely to necessitate the use of the alley at the rear of the building. The alley is shared with houses on the south side of Brook Street. The exits are located on Brook Street. These two exits have locks on them for security reasons. The security, therefore, would likely be compromised by additional use of the alley.

UPDATE 29 January 2018 – people will soon be moving in to the property. Should residents need to contact the YMCA on any matters, contact names and details can be found here: YMCA.

31 Cornwallis Street, Hastings, TN34 1SS

The former Lucky Chinese Restaurant will be converted into a takeaway. Application form is here. Existing plans can be found here. Proposed plans are here. The planning statement is here. The plans appear not to affect current usage (although the restaurant has been empty for some time). Hence, extractor fans and rubbish provision will not change.

Waldegrave Arch

There’s a proposed change to an office building behind the Waldegrave Arch (effectively at the rear of 15 St Andrews Square). The planning statement is as follows:

  • Scale – A small office extension (8 sq.m)
  • Siting – Hastings town centre location
  • Land Use – Currently used as a car park and this would remain the case
  • Amount – A small office extension (8 sq.m)
  • Appearance – As existing
  • Access – Access is from Waldegrave Street
  • Landscaping – n/a


  1. Does the scheme feel like a place with a distinctive character? Yes, to be maintained as the extension matches existing finishes.
  2. Do buildings exhibit architectural quality? Modern development of town houses
  3. Are streets defined by a well-structured building layout? Not affected by proposal
  4. Do the buildings and layout make it easy to find your way around? n/a
  5. Does the scheme exploit existing buildings, landscape or topography? n/a

Roads, parking and pedestrianisation

  1. Does the building layout take priority over the roads and car parking, so that the highways do not dominate? n/a
  2. Are the streets pedestrian, cycle and vehicle friendly? n/a
  3. Is the car parking well integrated and situated so it supports the street scene? Yes, office still has enough parking for 4 cars
  4. Does the scheme integrate with existing roads, paths and surrounding development? n/a
  5. Are public spaces and pedestrian routes overlooked and do they feel safe? n/a

Design and construction

  1. Is the design specific to the scheme? Yes, additional office space is required by the business.
  2. Is public space well designed and does it have suitable management arrangements in place? n/a
  3. Do buildings or spaces outperform statutory minima, such as Building Regulations? Construction standard to meet or exceed current building regs.
  4. Has the scheme made use of advances in construction or technology that enhance its performance, quality and attractiveness? Extension to be built to current building regs and match existing finishes.
  5. Do internal spaces and layout allow for adaptation, conversion or extension? Larger office space to allow for better and more flexible furniture layout in office
  6. Does the development have easy access to public transport? Yes, town centre location
  7. Does the development have any features that reduce its environmental impact? n/a
  8. Is there a tenure mix that reflects the needs of the local community? n/a
  9. Is there an accommodation mix that reflects the needs and aspirations of the local community? n/a
  10. Does the development provide (or is it close to) community facilities, such as a school, parks, play areas, shops, pubs or cafés? Yes, town centre location

The existing floor plan is here here. The proposed floor plan is here