23 March 2020 – source The Guardian

PM orders Britons to stay in their homes

New from the Government, 22 March 2020:

Robert Jenrick, secretary for housing, communities and local government, outlined the steps being introduced to protect the vulnerable.

He said: “The NHS has identified up to 1.5 million people in England who face the highest risk of being hospitalised by the virus”.

They will be contacted by the NHS in the coming days urging them to stay at home and avoid face-to-face contact for at least 12 weeks.

This includes people living with severe respiratory conditions, specific cancers, and some people with immunosuppressant conditions.

“I don’t underestimate what we’re asking of people. It will be tough,” Jenrick added.

Those living in the same household will not be required to take the same measures themselves, and carers can continue to visit.

For those who don’t have a network of family and friends close by, there will be a network of local hubs covering the whole country in “a major national effort”.

Medicines will be delivered by community pharmacies, while groceries and essential items will be delivered by local councils and food distributors working with supermarkets. These will be left on doorsteps. There will be opportunities for people to volunteer in this effort.