Fly-tipping in Brook Street

Brook Street residents will have received a letter from the Waste Management Officer, Glen Conway, at Hasting Borough Council (below). The letter informs us that there is a Fly-tippingprobability that residents are fly-tipping: “we are not placing the blame at any particular households…”; however, it is known that local businesses, particularly those on Queens Road illegally deposit waste in the bins, though the fly-tipping of furniture, tyres, and even ironing boards, is a daily occurrence. Any residents with any information about who might be behind the fly-tipping should contact the council on my hastings.

It is also clear that residents do not always recycle their recyclables; merely depositing them in the bins rather than separating them out for the Tuesday recycling collection.

The committee is also keen to investigate the options for a bin exclusively for organic “kitchen” waste to reduce the amount of landfill materials.


Be careful…Nextdoor letter

Many residents will have received a letter from George Henderson of Earl Street concerning “our neighbourhood” and the online network Nextdoor Central Hastings.


The committee has discussed this circular and investigated the concept of “Nextdoor”. Residents are advised to consider reviews of this website; for example, at George Henderson does not leave his address, unfortunately.

Winners of the “best front-of-house” get cup!

At the STAR AGM on 10 December, 2018, three of the winners of the competition received their prize – a sparkly cup. We thank councillor Peter Chowney for the original judging (he’s a keen gardener and knows his stuff) and presenting to Kira Brabenec (left), Eileen Baker (right) and Ida Ward (bottom, with the other winners and Peter Chowney). Well deserved. Also thanks to Jane Wright for organising and getting the cups.

Kira_Peter_10_12_18 IMG_20181210_191406


Winners – best front gardens!

We had a little summer challenge – who can keep the best front-of-house garden or window box. Prizes will be awarded at the AGM on 10 December; in the meantime, here are a few of the winners in no particular order. First from St Andrews Square, always very green.


Second, from Waldegrave Street, amazingly always colourful


Next to Earl Street, almost a rockery. A wonderful mix.


There are two other winners who have not consented to allowing us to upload pictures. Hope to see all at the AGM to celebrate our skilled and proud gardeners and their creations.

Wood Chippings

Wood Chipping: Residents were asked to collect wood chippings that had been dropped on the Square by the Council for our use and to bring some bags and take what they needed. More was delivered than was expected, but thanks to Jane for coordinating and All at number 15, Dave, Charlie, Tracey, Ian, Kira, George, thanks to Freecycle and IN2PLAY. The Square’s trees and shrubs are particularly grateful.

tree1 (1)